Print Shop Ideas?

I would love it if lots of people would post pictures of their Print Shops.
I am trying to decide how to set up my print shop.
Where my type cabinet should be, where I will want the furniture, different ways of storage, and all the other things.
Thank you.

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Here are a few shots showing most of the shop. Missing on the North wall is a metal lathe on a bench, a glider saw, and a perforator that are opposit the Pearl and the Jobber. My desk is hidden behind the full size oak typecase. Pretty small shop as I only have a single car garage.

Here are some of my favorite shots of my shop. There are a lot more in the Flickr group linked aboove!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

image: 3798521753_6564144bd8_b.jpg

image: 2771978455_44b9d313c8.jpg

image: 2223915039_f506a3291d.jpg

I have a garage shop. Two Vandercooks, Hiedelberg Windmill, 23” cutter, Hammond Glider, AV Orbital VIII Plate Maker, and 8 cabinets of type.

image: shop2.jpg


These are wonderfull!
Thank you.
Please keep posting!

John, Daniel and Casey, where’s the mess, the piles of junk everywhere, the messy inky presses, what happened to the 50 to 100 years of goo that some printer worked very hard to get all over the equipment, you guys would need a haz mat suit to enter my shop. Dick G.


You’re right about that. If I get a chance to pick up my shop a bit I can submit a photo as well. Maybe next week.

J Henry
Chief Procrastinator
Cedar Creek Press

Here some photos from my workshop
Gott grüß die Kunst