Inclined base of the type.

I’ve found for free some cases of an English italic font. The base of the type (lead) is inclined (see attachments please).

What I cannot understand is how to close the line (right of the pic). I’ve found the starting block instead (left of the pic)


image: dscn9389.jpg


image: dscn9390.jpg


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Your type was probably made by Stephenson Blake & Co of Sheffield.
It is one of their script typefaces probably Society.
There should be special shaped quads mating with the characters, but with a straight edge on the left for the start of the line, and a straight edge on the right for the end of the line, but where you could obtain these now, is almost impossible to say as SB closed many years ago.
Hope this is of some use..

Hello Bern,
thanks for the reply :)

You can see the quad on the left of the first pic, but I cannot find the other one, or at least I still haven’t found them in the case..because these cases are really a dust factory and very disordered!

Stephenson Blake & Co? Where can I find a sort of old catalogue?


Fabio, I just answered the question about the oxide on your font and now I see this. I reckon it is the Calligraphiques Noires from the Fonderie Typographique Française, or the Künstler Schreibschrift, as there is little chance that Stephenson and Blake would cast such an intricate face on Didot base. I have four cases of it and had several packs of brand new type as well. You should have a triangular block to start, spaces and a triangular block to finish your lines. See my attached photo.

image: Calligraphiques_noires.jpg


And something similar, a script in wood, but 16 ciceros (picas for the Anglo-Saxons) high.

image: script_in_wood.JPG


Don’t give up hope, you should be able to shave an em quad to the proper angle on a hand mitering device.

Guys it seems I’ve found the triangle block I was looking I said the cases are really in disorder, and perhaps the great part of the triangle blocks are where they shouldn’t stay.

Thomas I’m emailing you privately!

Thanks a lot you all!!