Chase Too Thin

I work with a Golding Jobber No. 7 and have two chases that fit correctly. Unfortunately, even though the third chase has No. 7 embossed in it and the outside dimensions are correct, it is too thin for the clamp to hold it. Has anyone had any luck shimming a chase? Shim on the front? Or add metal rule under it even when doing the lock up?
Thank you for your thoughts.

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well, if you really need to use this chase i would shim the latter of the two, from the back. one good double sided tape is called “duplofol” the better i think though is the 2in wide roll made by 3M. it is shown in pic 1. the “dup” is shown in pic2. your local die maker can supply you with a “shim stock” that they use to shim a rule in a die cutting die. it can be thicker than steel rule and is lower in height. depending on how much shim you need, i would try to find some thickness that works so you only need one layer or piece on each of the four sides of the back of the chase.

Although not a “period” solution, you could afix a metal washer of the correct thickness in each corner and under the area where the chase clamp would bear. You could use epoxy as the bonding agent, or as ericm suggested, you oculd use pressure-sensitive tape. By making the chase level, you would be avoiding problems with locking up the form and inking.

You could also have them brazed to the chase if you would rather do that.

the washer idea may work even better as then the chase could flex under lockup with out disturbing a whole strip of “filler”. i would probably opt for the brazing idea. common sense is in order here though. if this chase is way too thin, as to possibly allow the lockup to “blow-out” of the chase, i think the damage that could be done is not worth it. you would want your spacers so, the chase came up centered on your furniture.

If I understand your situation correctly, I have a similar problem with a chase or two on my Golding Jobber No. 6. The chase fits into the bottom of the bed, but the clamp does not pull the top into contact with the bed as it should. If this is a correct interpretation all that is necessary is to put a folded sheet of cardboard under the chase clamp where it contacts the top of the chase. This puts the back of the chase in contact with the bed at all points on my press. I believe for me it is not a case of being too thin, as I have measured thickness of working vs non working and they are the same. In my case certain chases sit farther down into the bottom of bed which effects the clamping at the top.

“The chase fits into the bottom of the bed, but the clamp does not pull the top into contact with the bed as it should.”
That’s it exactly. I assumed the chase was thinner, but it certainly could be the radius of the chase’s edge being different. I’ll try the cardboard under the clamp first as the easiest fix.
Thank you John, ericm and jhenry for your help

How much thinner is it than the two that fit. I agree with John that bottom of the chase should remain in contact with the base of the press. I would braze or weld a piece of metal to the top side of the chase to take up the slack between it and the clamp. I prefer to keep the varibles to a minimum whenever possible.

I’ve run 3750 through the press so far (10,250 still to go) using the cardboard under the clamp suggestion and not a wiggle so far. Thanks again for the help.