Speedball Lino Ink for Letterpress

I have a 3x5 Kelsey that I just bought new rollers for. They are not composition, so a water based ink should be fine. I have been trying to find out if using Speedball lino print inks would be a good or bad idea. I have been using a hand press on lino blocks for many years and I want to transfer some of this to the press when it is ready.

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Bad idea.

That ink is really runny, and too long for a good letterpress print, IMO.

But if you’re not using the inking system to ink your blocks, then maybe…

You will hate printing if you try to accomplish it with that ink. I suggest you use a Daniel Smith ink instead. They have both oil based and water clean up style inks. Of course there are other ink brands, but I’ve had great luck with Daniel Smith when printing lino cuts.

I like Daniel smith inks for lino cuts also. They have a “preferred black” etching ink that is a really nice temperature and stiffness. They also have a black (I think its number 79) relief ink that’s good as well.

Depending on your paper and press, you may have better results with paper that has been damp boxed, but that’s a preference.