roller restoration

Does anyone have know of a company that can refurbish rollers to their original diameter?

I’ve recently purchased a Kelsey 3x5 tabletop and I’m getting very weak ink coverage on my initial test runs. I believe the rollers have shrunken in diameter – they look a bit smaller than the Roller Wheels.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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Refurbishing the rollers means recovering them — essentially new rollers. If they are composition and you’re using/storing them in an air conditioned environment they have probably dried somewhat and they shrank. If the surface of the rollers is in good condition you could try keeping them in a humid environment to get them to swell back up, but be careful to not overdo it — they can swell too much if they get too moist.


You can pack behind the form to get better contact with the rollers.
Bob is right about the air conditioning, but beware - besides swelling too much, composition rollers can revert to liquid when exposed to too much moisture. And when rollers melt, they leave a sticky mess that is really hard to remove (I speak from experience).

Some printers prefer composition rollers, but composition rubber requires more care. Others prefer quality rubber rollers. There are a few places to get your rollers re-covered. To name two; for composition for rubber

Drew1973,there are 18 listings for roller companies
right here on briarpress! best james

Drew 73….. for a Kelsey 3x5, I don’t think I’d buy expensive rollers. N A Graphics makes a very nice 3x 5 Kelsey roller at very reasonable prices….. OR you can make them yourself.

I posted an article a few years ago about making small rollers from Gummy Bears…. and since that time, many, many people have made them for themselves. Just do a search for “Gummy Bear Rollers” here on Briar Press….. you’ll find the original posting, and helpful comments from Gummy Bear Roller users who made their own.

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You can get them on E-bay to in stock 2-3 delivery under antique letterpress rollers

I ordered mine from Ramco… good prices and nice people. I bet they would be pretty inexpensive for a press that size.