Is this characteristic of Lettra or my blade?

When I’m cutting business cards on my paper cutter, (30inch challenge hydraulic), the side that’s clamped is cut nice and clean. The side that wasn’t clamped has fuzz, strands of cotton, etc. It just looks bad.

I can fix it by rotating the paper, clamping and trimming an 1/8 or so….

Is this how crane 220 cuts, or is my blade dulling? Should both sides of the cut be perfectly clean?

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What you’re doing is called back-cutting. You’ll find you have to do it with most soft and/or delicate papers.

Thanks! The one side is perfectly cut, so I figured. Thanks for taking time to respond.

You are only ever going to get a clean cut on the clamp-side of a stack you’re cutting. The blade only cuts well on its straight, not beveled edge. If I am printing more than one-up I always leave gutters between pieces so as to trim every edge with the good side of the blade. The difference becomes more apparent the heavier the caliper of the paper, but even with lighter papers this is something I would advise.