Thompson British - Auto Platen

I am helping a friend selling equipment from a printing shop. We have a Thompson British Auto Platen for sale and no idea of the value. Is there people that can help me on this one?

Thank you

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image: DSCN0422.JPG


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Thompson the makers went out of business in the 1990s, and after that spares were virtually unobtainable even here in the UK.
So I should say it is only fit for scrap.
From your photo I notice there are no rollers, so this could be a problem.

I had one for years and years, made it whistle and dance. Could print on the most unusual shapes. Incredible on the lightest of stocks. No fixed grip, always to register. Anything can be made and fixed for it, if one has the money and inclination.
Can be used for light-weight diecutting and creasing and perfing to register, rather than scrapping!!!

Looks like the rollers are behind the press in a rack.