Removing ink rollers

I have been removing my rollers after every job, is this necessary?

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If you are comfortable cleaning them on-press you can leave them on afterwards. Just make sure that they are resting above the bed and that the bed is empty. If you rest them on an ink disc/drum or type they will get damaged.

Its hard to remove th rollers from a kluge, i only take my rollers out when i’m perforating or die cutting. After cleaning the rollers you should roll them about half way up the bed to take pressure off the springs that hold the rollers (remove the chase first) . Dick G.

are you worried about “flat spotting” the trucks by leaving them in? i think the poly rollers would be fine. but aren’t the those adjustables (diameter) soft?

Ericm, never thought about that, been leaving the rollers with the morgan trucks on my c&p in the press for years with no problem, now you got me thinking. Dick G.