Golding Pearl Model No. 11 (possibly no.3), what’s it worth?

Hi, I have a Golding Pearl Model No. 11 (possibly no.3). It’s in pretty poor condition, rusty, no chase (though it would be 7 x 11), no rollers, no foot pedal, no wooden proof table, basically the body and wheel. I would like to sell it, but will anyone even buy such a project? Looking for a little advice. Thank you.

image: pearl1copy.jpg


image: pearl2copy.jpg


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Where is it located? Though rusty, does it turn over smoothly and does the throw-off operate OK? Are any gear teeth broken or bearings seem worn? Have you thought about a price range you’d be satisfied with? Those would be my questions as a possible buyer. Replacing the treadle would be the most challenging part — chases may not be as difficult.


Your press does seem to be a Pearl No. 11. If you lived close to me in CT, I would make you an offer. Even though your press is incomplete, it could be made usable, since the basic unit is there. I have a treadle that I don’t use and my press is missing the Golding nameplate. It, also, has many welded parts that could be replaced, if I had that one. You would be surprised at the interest in parts-presses, too!
Dave Greer

Dave Greer, my friend has a 8x12 Golding in his front yard next to his mailbox, he was missing the name plate. He borrowed one from another press and i looked at it and decided i could make a rubber stamp mould from it then cast it in rubber. If you would like one i can cast it for you.. We spray painted his black, it looks just like the original. I’m in southeastern massachusetts, you can pick it up or cover the postage if you want one, let me know. Dick G.

Thanks for the offer, but my press is really not worth restoring, without other major parts, first. Those parts would be needed, before I replaced the nameplate. I will keep you in mind, if I get to that point but, if I really started a restoration project, I would want an original one.
Dave Greer