platan compression spring

I need ideas on how to push compression spring back against platan without causing injury to myself and the letterpress. It is a kelsey 5.8. Thanks

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hi,,, it is spelled platen.. and if it is the spring i think you mean, it can be slid onto its shaft, well greased. then put the pin through the hole and through the spring where ever you can.
a spring is a big “screw” with 2 large pliers, “channel locks” you can then begin to turn the spring in the proper direction and it will either climb up the pin and off the shaft, (wrong direction) or, it will begin to compress as it starts to climb below the pin. this will end with the spring being completely compressed by the pin. this won’t be complete until you can get the spring compressed and a washer placed between the pin and spring,m but, it will get you back into operation for the time being…trying to find a past post about this exact thing…