Best Rollers for a KSB?

We recently purchased a Heidelberg KSB (40x58,5cm) to extend our range of letterpress possibilities. As the rubber rollers aren’t that great anymore, we are thinking about replacing them or let the rubber be redone…
So this one goes out to all of you cylinder & letterpress pro’s: What are the best rollers for this machine. Or who should do the rubber job? Of course there are plenty of companies in Germany where we are located, but I don’t care if it’s around the corner or anywhere else. It should be perfect for the job…
Thank you all in advance for taking care of my question!

image: ksb.jpg


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Many years ago when I operated an Heidelberg SB in the UK and we needed new rollers, we had the largest diameters ground down to the next lowest diameter,and then had the smallest one completely remade to the largest diameter.
I assume the KSB uses the same principle, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a good supplier in the KSB’s home country, Germany.