Type depth

Hi, I am just starting out with a small business card size letterpress and have noticed the chase is very shallow. it’s about 3/8” deep and most type I’ve seen measures about 7/8” deep. Can I find type that fits this chase or do I have to cut the type down to fit? Please help! I’m anxious to get printing :)

image: press.jpg


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The face of the type will extend higher than the edges of chase. If the type were flush with the chase, the chase would also be inked and printed. Type height is .918” and it never needs to be cut down to be printed.

Thats what I thought, until I recieved this press in the mail. It will only work with type that extends about .5 in. Otherwise the press won’t function/close fully. Thoughts? I can post pictures if that would help…

Those small presses do indeed require a special height type that is around 1/2” tall. Those fonts were specifically cast for those presses. I honestly don’t know if any type of that height has been cast in the past century!

Someone would have to have specific molds to cast type that height, OR, you would have to have ‘normal’ type milled-down to the specific height required.

I have a few fonts of this short type to go with some of my small Sigwalt presses, but I don’t have instruments sophisticated enough to tell you the exact height that the type should be.


Thanks for the info, Rick. I’ll keep my eyes peeled. Until then, I got a cool paper wieght. grr.

You could also consider making a thin base for photopolymer to achieve the correct height and using that instead of type. You would still need to know approximately the height of the original type.


Also, Rick, if you ever want to part with that small type, you know who’ll be interested!