Anybody have a similar Type/setting cabinet??

Just purchased this cabinet and was wondering if others have a similar cabinet? Any idea of the age?

image: type_cabinet.JPG


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No. But it’s very nice. I’ve seen that up on eBay for a while. Boston? Correct?
The light fixtures are the cat’s meow.
I’m no expert, but it is possible that the stand and cases could be older than the light fixtures, and date back as early as 1880’s or turn of the century, and the light fixtures may have been added later, or I could be entirely mistaken and the stands, cases, & fixtures were sold together as late as 1920. Who knows? If you had a local expert take a close look at it, you could really nail it down.


Yes, is was posted on eBay for a while.

The light fixture was the close for us.

I believe these, as complete units with lights, are shown for sale in the 1912 (and likely several other years) American Type Founders’ Specimen Book.


It is a beauty! Enjoy.

Sometimes Hamilton Mfg. pasted dated, paper inspection labels on the inside, underside of their cabinets. If you’re lucky the label might still be there.

Similiar cabinets were also made/distributed by Keystone Type Foundary. I have a friend who has one of these as a metal cabinet. with the light fixtures too (and underside lights like many Hamilton cabinets)

Thanks for all the comments. It should arrive at our facility tomorrow… so we will hopefully learn more then.

We have a single Hamilton cabinet with the same panel detail as yours and found - as John Horn points out - the name of the inspector and date of mfg inside, towards the top, behind the cases.

Ours was made in 1928. But the designs didn’t change much over the years, so hopefully you will find some information inside of the cabinet that may tell you exactly when it was made.

Bingo!! pulled out the drawers and on the bottom of both of the type cabinets there was a job/packing sticker. 12-13-23 was the packing date

image: photo.jpg


I didn’t really believe that they dated back to the 1880’s.
I was merely bloviating hyperbole.
Congrats ! Very nice set up !

If you pull out some of the cases, they usually have the mfgr stamp on one of the two main section boards. Also sometimes on the ends or back. If the bottom is wood, that is some indication of age (older). Also square headed nails holding the bottom on. I have a Tubbs case like that – it is pre-Hamilton. The pull is very decorative with no name or logo.

Finally, I got the cabinet restored. Had a fair amount of water damage, but I was able to save the original finish and give it some new life.

Still need to mount the strips that label the reglet sizes, but close enough for pictures.

image: Brass Light Fixture

Brass Light Fixture

image: 1923 Hamilton Ad Man cabinet

1923 Hamilton Ad Man cabinet