American Printing rollers

Anyone have experience with American Printing rollers for a C&P 8x12? I searched previous discussions but didn’t see any mention of them. They’re a good bit cheaper than NA Graphics and Tarheel Roller, so I was wondering if there’s a reason for this that I ought to be aware of.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Please check out Ramco Roller Products

San Dimas, CA

Quality product, fast turn around.

Also contact Advanced Roller Co.


Thanks all — it’s good to know there are several sources still making rollers, and I’ll certainly get in touch with them to compare. But I’d also be interested in whether anyone has any experience with American Printing’s rollers specifically.

I can say that I ordered a set of American Printing rollers for a C&P Pilot and they were a different size than the trucks (both steel and brand new Delrin) that I had.


I like Roll Craft in Rhode Island, i’ve been happy with the rollers from them. Dick G.

Thanks, Brad. I’ve heard from a couple of people now that American Printing rollers don’t use standard trucks. Does anyone know if American Printing sells C&P 8x12 trucks that match their rollers?