cleaning rollers?

Howdy, noob question here but, what do you find best when it comes to cleaning rollers after a job?

Also.. what type of ink do you prefer to use? I’m sure the consensus is rubber ink, but if I have an oil based ink (speedball) would it be hard to clean off of the rubber rollers? I imagine a solvent will destroy the rollers, but I really don’t know.

Thanks for any advice.

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This is a pretty often-discussed topic here. Many people use California Wash, others use Odorless Mineral Spirits (my personal choice), and others use household alternatives (Crisco, etc).

Some searching on this site will provide hours of reading on this topic.

Good luck!

I use gasoline, coleman fuel will do a good job, so will mineral spirits. If you use rubber ink it won’t dry on the press for days, oil ink needs to be washed off within hours of finishing for the day or it will be very hard to remove. Dick G.

Thanks, sorry to re-ask a question I’m sure has been asked a thousand times before. Next time I’ll do a little more research on the site.

Thanks again.

I have used white kerosene for decades. It is not as flamable as gasoline and not as expensive as Coleman fuel. It is the type of kerosene used in space heaters in the winter and does not have as strong an odor as regular kerosene. It is prevalent here in the Midwest and a lot of small town gas stations actually have a kerosene pump off to the side or out in back. I even take my own gas cans and simply refill them once or twice a year. I also use it to clean type and wash forms and it leaves a very thin layer on the type when I am done to keep moisture and corrosion away.