Golding Pearl “card dropper” video

Here is a short video I created to demostrate how the Golding & Co. card dropper works. This accessory was promoted by William Golding to increase the production greatly by eliminating the need to remove the printed card manually from the press. All the operator had to do was feed fresh stock as the printed copies automatically dropped into the top drawer. Maybe using this accessory printers could approach speeds we would consider unlikely today. It is as you can see a simulation, as I do not have the press inked nor a form locked in the chase. I hope to actually use it when the press has been properly adjusted and tested. The accessory was included with the early Pearls but is the first I have seen today. I didn’t understand how the plunger could work until I installed it on the press.. If I had been alive during Goldings’ time, I would have tried to work for/with him. This kind of thing fascinates me.


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Nice John!

Come on John, when did you ever get ink on one of your presses. I might have to send you a can. Dick G.

Love the music! Did anyone else count the kicks per impression….three, five, sometimes two. Oh, and my press isn’t as clean as yours…there would probably be oil, grease, dust bunnies, or ink on the cards that dropped into my Golding’s drawer. John thanks for posting the video. Eric, you have a new toy/tool to produce ;)

That’s pretty darn cool! Now does anyone have a Hohner set up with the card flinger? I’d like to see a video of that working too!

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

I believe Paul Aken has one of those.

lol k,,,if someone wanted these and i got some detailed pics/prints. it could prob be done…

Nicely done … a moving picture is worth 10,000 words. No offense intended.

Great! Thank you for sharing this.