Can someone help me identify this type?

I have been clearing out my fathers type and am getting to some without a name on the case. I am selling them to printers and graphic artists on ebay so would like to tell them correctly what it is. Would appreciate any help you can give me. The picture is of the larger pt. size, there is a pin mark with nothing in it, the same font only smaller pt. size has 30 in the pin mark. I don’t know enough to know if that helps or not. Thank you,

image: 001 (520x303).jpg

001 (520x303).jpg

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I’m not near my reference books, but my guess is that it is Caslon 540 from American Type Founders. A classic!


Thank you Rick, I appreciate the quick response. I am not suprised it is a classic. My father was a typesetter in the early 1900’s he saved a lot of the type. Appreciate your help!

With so many cuttings of Caslon, I had to look twice at this one. One of the few faces, that my father proofed for McGrew, was the first metal Caslon face that I acquired when I started collecting, which was Recut Caslon. I would have to see a better photo of the complete font and a proof of this one to compare it. Several things set it apart, from the other cuttings, and the condensed figures are one, along with the tail of the Q and the very short descenders. I may be mistaken, but it looks like Recut Caslon.
Dave Greer

It does look more like Recut Caslon than it does 540. Particularly the “g”.

It is indeed Recut Caslon. The descenders are decided squashed by the rediculously low base line on the body. I guess I was just looking at the caps on my first impression. I have a set of 120 pt. Caslon 540 capitals and these are very similar.