Large chase; which press?

Hi all,

I have a fairly large chase that I don’t have a matching press for. Does anyone know which press it might belong to?

External dimensions: 21 1/2” x 16 1/8”
Internal dimensions: 18 15/16” x 13 1/16”


image: IMG_0385_small.jpg


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There does not appear to be any special indents on the chase, so I think it is a standard chase which was used on flat bed cylinder machines.
It would be locked in position, using furniture and quoins on the bed of the machine.

Hi Bern,

Thanks. Given the route I obtained the press, that seems reasonable. And, as you mentioned, I don’t think there are any indents of note.


I have one like that which I was told had come from a Miehle Vertical. I use it now on my Poco flat-bed Cylinder press.