What is this part for? Linotype?

I received these two items with a box of miscellaneous parts when I purchased my press. The person I bought it from had a lot of different machinery in different states of repair including several linotypes. I would appreciate if anyone could tell me what these are for. My hunch is that it has something to do with the linotypes…

image: IMG_20110416_152828.jpg


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Top item looks like a 12 pt recessed mold cap and base-possibly for 12-18 2 letter matrices (can’t tell with mold base (bottom 1/2) turned upside down.

Bottom item looks like a side trimming knife, which would clean the top/bottom edges of slugs as they are ejected from the mold.

Is it for a six-pocket mold disk?

Looks like it could be.

Thanks for the info. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, I thought I would get an email if someone commented :) If anyone has any use for this let me know, as I sure don’t.