Looking for more hand press information

Now that the North American Hand Press Database has passed 1000 hand presses recorded I am really interested in getting the word out to see if more come out of the woodwork. I just found four Richard Hicks presses that pushed the total hand press number over 1000, so now I feel on a roll! If you have one and I haven’t contacted you, or if you know of one I might not already know of, please let me know! I just need contact info for the owners to I can follow up.


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Bob, i think i gave you the name of a man in my town Hanson, MA, that has a hand press, if you don’t have him i will get him in touch with you. Dick G.

Dick, I don’t seem to have anyone in Hanson MA, so if you’d put him in touch or me in touch with him, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!


Have you perused the Iron Handpress Flickr group? I’m sure you could get some new listings there.

I also know where there is an acorn style Samuel Rust press in storage in CT.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

Daniel, I haven’t looked at the Flicker group for a while — I need to check that again. Is the Rust press in Danbury? I have one recorded there for the Danbury Historical Society — in fact bit’s pictured in my book. If not I’d appreciate the info!

Regards, Bob