what supplies do i need?

i just received an old 12x18 poco proof press and would really like to start playing around with it. i have a general understanding of what i need but that’s about it. i have type, furniture and quions. i know i need ink and a brayer but is there anything else that i should get to help me get started? any help would be greatly appreciated no matter how small or obvious. also, what type of solution do i need to clean the type with?

thanks for all the help

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Somewhere on this site is a lot of info on the poco. Mineral spirits or keroscene works well to clean ink up. Dick G.

The Poco is a proofing press and has a bed cut for a galley, so to print type-high material you’ll need a galley or a bed plate the same thickness (.050). Check to see how the cylinder is packed — the packing should be almost exactly even with the cylinder bearers — the raised rim on the two ends of the cylinder. If more it will tend to drag the paper and slur the image. I like to use a rubber offset press blanket if you can find one the right thickness, and a drawsheet of mylar will last a long time.


Where are you located????? Perhaps we can steer you towards someone nearby that can help you out.