laser etched plates for heidelberg windmill?

Hi guys,
Im VERY new to this sort of printing so please take it easy on me with my newbie questions.
I was recently introduced to the Heidelberg Windmill after looking at some custom printed wedding invitations that were embossed and printed on one. Ive since been looking into getting one and begin learning it.
Currently I make custom screen printed event posters as well as doing custom order laser engraving.

SOOO my question is, is there anyone making plates for their windmill by laser etching? In my mind it makes sense and seems much easier then the photopolymer plate process.

I would love to hear your feed back and suggestions.

thanks in advance!

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Are you asking can you do your artwork and type on a computer and have a plate made.



They can take your print out or digital file and turn it into a MAGNESIUM PLATE or any other place you need.

Yes that is what Im asking, but I would like to make the plates myself, I have a C02 plotter laser already, soI guess Im just curious about the process.
it seems that it would be a more precise plate being that it can cut at 4800 dpi.
What is the best material for a plate? how deep should I cut? etc…

PS thanks for the response and the contact!

I think there was just a discussion about using a laser to cut plates. check the archives. Dick G.