What does everyone use to cleanup lead and wood type after printing?

(I’m sorry if this question has been answered a hundred times but all I could find was roller cleanup and conditioning)

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A rag damp with roller wash.

Mineral spirits for rollers and wood type, denatured alcohol for metal type.

Casey McGarr
Inky Lips Press

At Hamilton and Penland vegetable oil is recommended for wood type.

Denatured alcohol is used as a final clean before inking metal type or plates. Mineral spirits, some roller washes and one’s fingers leave an oily residue.

Denatured alcohol is not used for cleaning after printing and breaking down the form.

We used baby oil and/or vegetable oil to clean up our plates in my college printmaking class. Is it safe to say that rubber and oil based inks are similar to etching inks and the above cleaning methods are good for oil, rubber and acrylic inks?

To be clear:
Vegetable oil to get the ink off and a little denatured alcohol or mineral spirits to get the oils off before putting away/printing?

Does anyone have any luck cleaning with a more eco solvent like citrus? Is it safe on rollers?