Is the Adana T/P48 really a T-P-10 ?

When cleaning our Adana T/P 48 treadle press at the weekend I noticed that in the casting is T-P-10.
Was this it’s original identifier and Adana changed the model ID to ‘48 for its first public outing?

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I have some Adana ephemera that refers to the TP47 so I think it was delayed possibly due to metal shortages after WW2. The TP10 could just refer to a part number. But I will have a hunt and see if there are any earlier models TP….

I found this on the inside cover of the HS2 manual. Any help?

image: adana T:P48.jpg

adana T:P48.jpg

The T/P10 reference is a part number identifying the casting.

The T/P48 was launched as the Adana T/P47 at the British Industries Fair in 1947. Post-war metal shortages meant that it was only available initially for export to help with Britain’s balance of payments deficit. When it was available in quantity for the domestic market it was re-named as the T/P48. Early advertising leaflets use the T/P47 name.

image: TP47 Ad from Printcraft Issue 2.jpg

TP47 Ad from Printcraft Issue 2.jpg