Mystery Font

Does anyone recognize the font that appears for my image “Members”? A kind suggestion was that it was “Typo Upright (aka Tiffany Upright) — an ATF font from 1906 or so” I cannot seem to find the connected and shaded version. Any ideas? Also, does anyone know of a letterpress firm that might have and use this typeface?? Grateful for any help!

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Whatt do you mean…shaded and connected versions??? Please post sample. Thanks.

Barbara - I am not seeing any image at all, so I no idea what your image “Members” looks like.

Typo Upright is a connected face. Typo Shaded is a somewhat heavier version of Typo Upright with internal shading.

I have one font of Typo Shaded in my collection. It is 24 pt.