Type Identification

I recently acquired two sizes of this type, but have not been able to identify from any of my more common sources. Does anyone recognize it? Thanks.


image: typequerysmall.jpg


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The face is LACLEDE and it first appeared in the Inland Printer around October 1897. It is shown in my 1898 ATF Desk Book specimen on page 574.

Dave Greer

Laclede was designed in 1896 for the Central Type Foundry in St. Louis in 1896. It is named after on the the founding fathers of the city of St. Louis.


Thanks much.

Laclede, ATF Desk Book, p. 450, 10 through 72, except 14, 30 and 42pt.

Above Corrected….
Laclede, 1899, ATF Desk Book, p. 450, 10 through 72, except 14, 30 and 42pt.

Glad to have 10 & 18pt fonts, complete and in remarkably good shape for its age. Thanks for looking it up for me.


Somewhat embarassed by my double-dated response above, I forgot to mention that this face was designed by Gustav Schroeder.

Gustav Schroeder was 26 years old and was trained at cutting embossing dies and steel stamps when he was persuaded to emigrate to St. Louis and learn to cut type faces. He landed at the Central Type Foundry and between him and Nicholas Werner, designed or engraved over thirty faces for the CTF. Art Gothic was Schroeder’s first original design. He also cut DeVinne.

Laclede was designed in 1896 (as previously overstated!) at Central which was by then a branch of ATF. It took a few years for ATF to consolidate all operations to New Jersey.



I’m just old enough to think that redundancy is a good thing.