Restoring a Chandler and Price 8 x 12 old style press

I need to get a Chandler and Price 8 x 12 old press up and running. It is not continuing running. I will definitely oil and oil the press again as everyone has suggested.The seller (who is an antique dealer, not a pressman) recommends pressure washing the press to clean all the dirt and what else is there on the press after it has been left to sit for who knows how long. I am concerned about adding rust damage from the pressure washing. Is pressure washing helpful or harmful ?

Secondly, where can I get registration clips or tabs for holding the paper on the platen ?

Briar Press and the members are extremely help.
Thank you, Angela Jackson

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I would NOT recommend pressure washing the press unless you’re taking it completely apart and thereby able to effectively dry every surface before rusts begins to form (also not recommended). Just oil the press with a lightweight oil to start it moving and then gradually increase your oil viscosity to 20 or 30w.

Have plenty of rags and maybe a wire brush to knock off any dirt or grime that seems to be impeding the operation of the press. You can use a degreaser/cleaner if you want, but you can also just use mineral spirits.

You can get gauge pins from Fritz at NA Graphics (

Hope this helps,

Thank you Brad for advise.
I really do not want to take the press apart. I probably just adding oil until the movement improves. I will also check
Fritz at NA Graphics for the pins.

Try lubricating all the oil holes with WD-40 which is a good thin detergent penetrating oil. Use the thin red nozzle. Work the flywheel gently back and forth to see if it will free up more. Once freed-up (if possible) re oil with a 40-50 weight motor oil.

I live in Lynchburg, Tennesse and just purchased a CP 8x12 that has been out of service for a number of years. My experience on this press was a long time ago so I’m right where you are…..trying to get it up and running. Today I cleaned it with wire brush, degreaser, and rags. I have a long way to go but look forward to sharing what I’m up to. I found a source for rollers yesterday
Good luck.

Hello Everyone
I am ready to purchase a treadle for my Chandler & Price Oldstyle 8 x 12 press. There are two companies Hern Iron Works and Bindery Tools, which I found online. They both seem to have the treadle. My question is there any chance the treadle will not fit my press? Is there more than one treadle for the C&P 8x12 letterpress ? And is there anything else I need to attach the treadle, besides the hook?

Here’s the links for the vendors:

Thank you for your help.
Sincerely, Angela Jackson

I purchased a treadle for my 8x12 OS C&P from Hern and am pleased with it. It did take some grinding on the hook to properly fit the crankshaft but well worth it.

Thank you Bowerbox for your feedback and comments.

The hooks are slightly different for the OS and NS presses, so make sure you mention which one have when ordering.

Thank you Arie.
I just ordered the treadle for the old style 8x12, hopefully it is not to hard to attach to the press.

It is not. Open end of the hook faces the operator.

Ramblings from the U.K. from a long time ago.!!

Re the direction and attitude of *the Hook* as stated the Hook generally faces the Op but as it is occasionally desire-able to inch the M/c fractionally in both directions, we encountered this (potential) problem and solved it before it happened (i.e,hook dropping off) by just fitting a simple Brass Tongue, exactly as in a Rock Climbing CARABINER safety tongue.

This first used on An ARAB Press in a teaching unit where there was a conflict of opinions as to which way to rotate the flywheel prior to treadling.

Also on the same machine and utilized later on others (Treadles) it became common practice to insert a simple Brass (horse shoe shaped) Slipper as a bearing surface between the inside face of the Hook, (Mild steel) as partially sacrificial, to protect the (Hard Steel) Crank Pin.

For a few Cent/Pennies a tiny strip of Plumbers lead will do exactly the same job, and with a little oil occasionally, will last a long time and protect the components .

THINK White metal on steel backed bearing Shells running on Case hardened Crankshafts in Auto engines.

Far more Torque & Power transmission than on a Treadle Printing Press.

M/c,s that have already given their best for Many years deserve a little T.L.C.

My first press with a treadle was an 8x12 c&p with a home made wooden treadle, there wasn’t a hook but a leather strap that went over the crank. Hows my old pal Mick???

If you’re getting the hook from Hern also, be sure to check the inside surface of the hook. Theirs are cast iron and there is often a ridge, from the mold, inside the hook, which needs to be filed or ground down so the hook is smooth and evenly curved on the inside, so as to not damage the crank shaft. Also be sure to oil that area generously as the hook gets “broken in” to avoid wear damage.


Hello again. I now trying to install my treadle to the C&P 8x12. Does anyone recommend a source that I see or reference to be sure I am installing the treadle correctly. I am not sure how the hook should be installed or how it should look onto the horse shoe shaped curved piece.

Thank you, Angela Jackson