Numbering Counter Device

Hi Gang,

I am curious. The numbering/counters on platen presses I have seen I wonder if one particular make or brand would work with my Franklin Gordon, much like CP OS. Does anyone know if one would? If so, what brand and how do they attach. Thanks!

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i might have a counter for a 8x12 c&p, i think it will fit your press, not sure though. Maybe someone on the list knows, i’m getting a 8x12 c&p myself and want to make sure the counter is on the press i’m getting before i sell you mine for lots of money.

In my experience the ubiquitous Redington counters with the mount fit all models of the Chandler and Price floor model platens. I’ve switched one from an 8x12 to a 12x18 without problems, so I’m guessing they’re all the same.


Here’s a couple on eBay.