Franklin Gordon

I have had this press for 1.5 yrs. and have kinda made do even though everything on the press is not “perfect”. I’m not even sure perfection is possible :). One thing that is bothering/concerning me is the chase hits the rollers everytime I take it in and out. I am positive this should not happen. I am in the process of getting new trucks but is there another reason that would cause this. Also, I know that a C&P is very similar to my press but everytime I order a part from a C&P for my press it does fit. Any suggestions on where I could get parts for my particular press?

Thanks so much.

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Every few months i scrape the ink off my chases, i have a lot of presses i print with and every one the chase hits the ink rollers on the way in.

Oh that makes me feel better :) Yeah, I clean it when I clean my press. Guess I’ll just keep that up.