Vandercook sp-15

Hello fellow printers!!

Just wondering…I have a Vandercook SP-15 in amazing shape that I would like to sell. However, I’m not sure the going price. I’ve tried pricing these and there seems to be no consistency. HELP!! Your suggestions would be very welcomed.

P.S. I’m looking for a Chandler and Price 10 x 15 to replace my Vandercook…and ideas to pruchase one in California??

Thanks in advance…Happy Holidays!!

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They’ve been going for 8,000 or more in amazing shape. Seems crazy, but that’s where the market seems to be right now.


Or you could just exchange it for a C&P 10x15 :)

I had thought that I would exchange my Vandercook for a C&P…and then I started hearing about the differences in price. WOW!!!Why so much???

I had seen one that had sold on ebay for 9000. but I don’t know if that included shipping etc. Still…WOW!

Any ideas where to locate a C&P in California?? If you’re in the midwest or east you’re golden…I haven’t found many here…


Try the Museum in Carson, they occasionally have presses surplus to their needs…

The price seems way out of control, but it seems to be a demand situtation for them. I would prefer to pay around $2000 to $3000. They were not inexpensive when first sold new. I got my C&P 8X12 for free.

Of course - everyone would prefer lower prices, but market pressures have driven Vandercook prices through the roof in the last few years. Some artists and printers are apparently willing to pay top dollar for these machines in good condition.

I remember the “free C&P” days too - 8x12s in good shape go for $1200 these days…

C & P platen
Try Hicks Bros in Fremont, CA

Thanks for the information!

Inky…I bought my Vandercook from the guys at Hicks brothers…this is why it is in such great shape! They have a couple of C&P’s on their site…and I have seen them in person. I hesitate because I see them for less…but on the other side…I know they will be in tip top order.

Again…why is it the Vandercooks are going for so much??


Supply and demand. It’s really that simple. There are fewer machines available for sale and people are willing to pay high prices.

hey Elizabeth are you still selling your sp 15 vandercook? if you are please contact me to paomaringuillen at gmail dot com!