Replacement screws

Was wondering if anyone had any good idea’s as to how I could either get a hold of a replacement screw or find a great substitute.

I know the Adana sits well with three screws but I want to make sure that the press is restored to it’s best state.

Thank you for your time.


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Missing screw

image: 1.jpg


Original screw

image: 2.jpg


Just bring one of those screws to any hardware store. They’ll certainly have one to match.


Did Adanas come with a wood base or was that an add-on option???? The screws shown are ill-fitting and I suspect they weren’t original at all. They are taper-headed (my term!) wood screws and I would suspect that flat-bottomed round head screws would have been used to flush-up to the metal surface for a much better look.

Just makes more sense to me.


Those definitely aren’t the original screws. No press manufacturer would use a flathead screw in a non-countersunk hole. Get yourself some new round head screws. Blued steel would be my choice but if you can’t find those, get brass. Zinc plated ones will look out of place.

Hey guys,

The Adana can be fitted to a wood base, from what I can see in old manuals. Although mine is slightly different in dimensions it still looks pretty old.

I managed to find a manual where it shows an ‘Adana 5x8’ slightly different model. But the two screws appear to be round head with nuts attached. Next step I guess is to find replacements for that exact model or perhaps like you guys say find a decent hardware store and have some either custom made or as close to the original thing I can .

Cheers guys for the help, much appreciated.

If you have the time a photograph would be really useful?