need help typeface identification

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I’m an amateur printer in Germany and I got this type (24 points) from an old printer here. I never saw these letters in specimen books or printed elsewhere. Could anyone help my to identify it?

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image: image0-001.jpg


image: image0-002.jpg


image: image0.jpg


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I am surprised that no one has been able to i.d. this rather unique face yet. I don’t have many European catalogs so perhaps someone on the continent can take another look for this? I am responding simply to bring this back to the top of the list for further consideragtion since it sat here for over a month without a response.


I think I found it!!!! I decided to browse through the Encyclopaedia of Type Faces and there is a one-line specimen of a font named Trennert. It says the font was designed by Friedrich Bauer and cast by the foundry Trennert, 1926-1927.

I don’t know a thing about a foundry named Trennert.


Hi Rick,

that’s great: you really found it: It’s Trennert Antiqua! I had no more hope that anybody would answer, so I only looked again today. Thank you very much!!! I found some further information: The type foundry Johann Daniel Trennert & Sohn operated from 1634 - 1953 in Hamburg-Altona. In 1953, they throw away almost everything (matrices etc.)…

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They had to declare bankruptcy. Many machines went to Genzsch & Heyse. After the bankruptcy in 1953 they founded a new foundry named “Hamburger Schriftgiesserei” but this existed for a few month only.