Mystery Press

Hi All,
I’ve been up to my usual tricks rescuing unloved presses from garden sheds across the south of England.

The press below turned up in a box of bits, and we initially thought it was an eight-five, but quickly noticed it was much different. I briefly wondered if it was a HS3, but the handle is not angled correctly for this.

Under the (mostly superficial) rust, it looks a dark bottle green colour, and the chase bed is roughly 7.5 x 4.75”.

Does anyone have any idea what this is? There don’t seem to be any identifying logos or marks anywhere, and I have Googled furiously to no avail.

Thanks in advance,

image: press2.jpg


image: press1.jpg


image: press3.jpg


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Put all the pieces together today and took some more images:

image: 20131005_133335.jpg


image: 20131005_133328-1.jpg


image: 20131005_133314.jpg


image: 20131005_133300.jpg


image: 20131005_132353.jpg


image: 20131005_132330.jpg


Looks like there is enough there for a hand-inker. Except for the base it sure has a Kelsey look. Have fun with that one!


It looks very much like sombody’s alteration to an Adana No 2.
The bearer chase is Adana and the fixing behind that has the 6 bolts looks Adana. I’m guessing the single lever broke and a replacement was made.

I am by no means a press i.d. guy, but it seems to me that the three scallop-shaded indentations on the outsides of the bed should be fairly unique to a particular press/brand.


The chase bed and ink disc (not pictured) do look Adana - hence my first thoughts, but the actual body / base is pretty different to both of the HS2s I have here.

In shape the base is very similar to my three HS1s, but obviously much bigger.

Its pretty cool, whatever it is :) gonna find me some screws and get inking <3

The body looks like an Adana H/S 2 but the handle/lever looks a bit like it’s from a Model Press ?

The handle is definitely distinctive…