new Kluge letterpress owner pwer concern

I just purchase a Kluge letterpress with autofeed that has General Electric motor and control box. I wired everything up ( wired power from control box to motor and combined wires to pigtail with 110 plug and the blue wires for speed control to appropriate corresponding connections. The thing runs great, the odd thing is that when I plug the machine in the motor has a faint hum like its defiantly getting power, I than hit the start button and the thing starts to run (sometimes with a little help from turning wheel). To turn off I hit power off, the speed control works fine..My problem or question is even after its off, that humming sound from motor is still there, I simply unplug it till next time i want to use ( i than plug in) Is this normal, can it not be plugged in and be completely powered off

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If it says 110/220 on the plate your motor may be set up for 220 (mine is) check the wiring diagram to find out or have an electrician do so. Stuart

Village Press it does say that on the plate..I think it has something to do with the stop button having a “stuck issue”..Also it will only start on speed 6..I have attached a pic from the inside of the control box

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I was thinking along the same lines as village press… your control box is really a magnetic starter for the motor. Being on the fastest speed, the 220v motor may still start on a 110v supply. Which if that’s the case, you’ll want to correct to protect your drive motor from
low-watt fry. In any case, if you run a switch on your leg of power prior to the control box, it will shut everything down thus eliminating your buzzing noise. If the stop button is partially stuck down, I see how that could ground out some of your juice but that would have much more of a crackling sound. Also the picture of your control box shows some of the contacts have rust. Cleaning the rust/pitting may eliviate the speed control issues.

Thanks woweber, Ill make sure to clean that rust..It is the stuck stop button that is issue..Also, the machine will only turn over if on speed setting # 6..I have to say, this is a beautiful piece of equipment that I have fell in love with..What kind of oil is supposed to be put in all the oil holes I see everywhere? Any Kluge owners who could give me some advice for preventative maintenance would be great..I got lucky to buy a great old letterpress that has been well taken care of, all parts are lubed and greased..The automatic feed questions will be coming next..Thanks to woeber and Village Press for your time to comment and give me advice

run a “straight 30 weight non-detergent” oil. as stated above, check the wiring, that the motor is wired correctly. check or have a machine electrician check for voltage out puts on the other contact points.

Thanks for the great advice, you both were exactly correct, the control box was wired for 220 volts, the wiring diagram on inside of box- My electrician was able to read with very bright light ( different than one circulating on internet)..The box was configured for 22o not 110..To correct he connected 7 to x4 and the thing runs like a charm, no buzzing , starts on low speed and off and on work…Im glad I listened to your advice and got an electrician…Rock n Roll

To clarify the black bar that as pictured in control box going from 7 to t1 is in the 220 mode, simply connect bar from 7 to x4 and thats 120 v mode..The pigtailed control wires on the back of motor stay that way pigtailed and taped and connect hot and neutral ( both in 220 and 120) reference for anyone with similar question or issue