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Hi can any body help me I’m selling a columbian press and the possible buyer as asked for the diamentions of the crucible formers in the press could any one please tell me what it means and where they are. If any one is interested in buying the press it’s on eBay.
Many thanks

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Sorry, for the post…

Can not help

just give dimensions of the platten for size of the press, not heard of crucible formers-I presume press is as photo as you have said, a repaired leg and missing second counterpoise and weight, eagle counterweight, and rounce mechanism, lever handle, tympan and bed bits and pieces , but should be restorable.

Hi Steve,
I have no idea what this person means. I move antique machinery and I have never heard the term. The only things I can see missing apart from the bed corners is the eagle which you mention.
I’ll look at the comment on eBay and come back to you.

As a ps. The rounce is missing as are the bolt and blocks that hold it in place. This is a round wooden drum with straps attached to it to wind the bed in and out. Also the bar to pull the top platen down to take an impression is missing these parts can be made. I just moved one of these today. Crucible formers sound like something in hot metal as a crucible is a melting pot I believe.

Hi thanks very much for your answers and information.

What is the eBay auction number, please? Word searches for (“Columbian press”) and (Columbian “printing press”) don’t show a press for sale. Thanks.

I’d presume it to be this one.

I love the mossy patina. Makes me want to take up printing in an English garden.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

image: columbian.jpg


Hi that’s the one isn’t she beautiful. I’ve found the rounce but afraid the straps have broken. The item number is 170806993713 would any one like to say what the press is worth i understand it’s been repaired on the staple part of the press. Feel free to email me and I could deny more photos and a video of the press lowering and raising.


you need to be more very specific about the staple repair-photos available???-if serious/major fracture to that part of the press, could only be scrap value……..some years ago a badly repaired foot (ie electric weld not gas weld) to a large Albion after a fracture, caused it to fail later and crush someone ……..fatally.

It’s quite easy to spot the structural repair in the left upright of the staple. See the steel plate and bolts?



so it is……!

Hi thanks for everyone’s help and dans good eye sight. Could anyone please tell me how to make a donation to this site.


I hope you found a good home for the press. You can make a donation to the site using this link.


Thanks dan. It’s going to a good home. I’ve learned a lot about columbian presses the last couple of weeks. Donation made 5.00 dollars.

Many thanks