Reddish Jobber

Hello everyone!

I’ve recently been donated a Reddish Jobber by a very kind person. I am so happy with it but it needs a lot of work (cleaning, new parts etc).

There is no manual with it and I could not find one doing a general search online and on ebay. Could anyone here recommend a place to find a manual for the Reddish Jobber?

Thank you for all your help. When I’ve gathered more knowledge I’ll be returning here to help others.

Kind regards,


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post a picture and that might give someone a better idea of how to direct you.

You can always direct your question to the Letpress email forum. Those guys know everything it seems.

I have never heard of this make but one has turned up on eBay UK

image: Reddish jobber.JPG

Reddish jobber.JPG

Looks like it might be a pretty close copy of a Golding Jobber (Boston MA USA). Parts probably aren’t interchangeable, though. But a parts diagram for the Golding might help you figure out what if anything is missing.