chandler and price 14.5 x 22

I am a letterpress newbie thinking about buying a c&p 14.5x22, from oregon for 200 dollars. Only problem, I live in Maryland. The press is in pieces at a wearhouse about to go to a scrapyard. Is there anyone in the portland area that would be willing to go check it out for me? I would be willing to pay a consulting fee if need be. I would really hate to see it get ground up.


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Let this one go on.



Gerald is right

year ago
started looking for press

month ago found
very dirty very nice
8X12 new style
two hours away
free load it on trailer

let somebody in Oregon
save it

lots of old presses

you will find a press
less that one hundred
miles away

yours truly
dit dit


Michael - Gerald and Mac are right. If you are comfortable doing this, you may want to post it in the classifieds - making clear you’re not the seller - so someone in Oregon sees it.

Meanwhile, tell all your friends that you’re looking for a press. As with a pilot looking for a specific airplane, you know you’re close when someone says, “There aren’t any of those around here.” ;)

How common are the really big platens like this? Certainly 8 x 12s & 10 x 15s seem to be reasonably easy to come by, but the top end sizes seem to be rarer. Is it worth trying harder to save ones like this for that reason? I’m genuinely curious.

Hi Michael-

We actually already have a meeting set up with the seller to take a look at it. We are in Seattle and also hate to see it go to scrap. We are considering buying it, but if we opt not to, I am happy to let you know about it- no consultant fee necessary! Right now we have a 10x15 (we found on craigslist) and are trying to figure out if we have the space for a second press. Coincidentally enough, we are also meeting up with another gentleman in Portland for a completely separate craigslist ad that said he knows about that particular press, the history, and has a key piece to it- so we are very curious what that might mean!

I agree with everyone else, though. We see presses of all sizes pop up on craigslist all the time. I can’t imagine you would have problems finding one pop up closer to home.

Mike you stated you are new to letterpress, A c&p 14.5x22 is not a press for some one new.

There are a lot of good 8x10 or 10x15 C&P out there in the world. Good pres for some one starting into letterpress.

I let it pass, I even got a quote for shipping it. Roughly 850.

I like to restore things, cars, bikes.

Thanks for all of the wise words. And I will keep a look out for a press closer by.

Anything east of the Mississippi, I can go get with a race trailer.