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Rubber Letterpress Rollers, and Bases and chases
In stock 2-3 day USPS shipping in USA, World wide shipping for cost. Best quality stone ground rubber with trucks. Pearls,
Adana, Sigwalt, Kelsey, Golding, Baltimore, C+P, C+M, Miehle V40-V50, Heidelberg and many more.
Most toys to large presses, in-stock now made better then originals, new straight high quality cores, locked trucks on all rollers now. Designed for the higher quality demands of polymer plates. I make them because no one would make them the way I needed them to print my customer jobs.
I test and use what I make. 4th generation printer. See my reputation on E- bay.. [email protected]
Todd ToddsPressTime
E-mail for Price. Every E-mail returned every night. I ship every day to. Thanks Todd [email protected]

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Todd makes the best rollers! I used to use a different company, but it would take several days to receive.They always got opened in customs because they looked like a pipe bomb in their xray machines (cylinder shaped with a metal rod in the center). He will ship anywhere in the world. I highly recommend Todd for anyone who needs rollers and trucks for their press.

I just want to give a BIG,BIG thanks to Todd of toddspresstime2. He really helped me get my Sigwalt Chicago up and running! He exceeded my expectations, he kept me in the loop of the process and reconditioned it then returned it in a weeks time. Thank you, thank you Todd

I have a Morfitt’s Empress Letterpress circa 1890 and I have had so much trouble getting rollers for it or finding anyone who could even be bothered as this Letterpress is a bit unusal in its configuration. Finally I hooked up with Todd. A few emails, several measurements and before I could blink an eye my custom made rollers and trucks were here. They are perfect !
Thanks from Australia
I’d recommend you to anyone mate.

thank you todd,
the rollers & bearings are perfect for my golding no1 5x8 pearl platen
not to mention the professionalism shown

What do you charge for Kelsey 3x5 rollers. I am hoping to obtain a model c this week.

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thanks for the feed back, always happy to help. Todd

Thanks, Tom, for your generous donation of rollers for the Kelsey 3x5 press used for classroom demonstrations and printing at Georgia State University! Your gift has allowed us to share with students the joy of letterpress printing, and to deepen their understanding of the history of printing and books. Without your generosity, we couldn’t have started this project. And let me add that these rollers are GREAT. The best I’ve ever worked with! It’s been a joy to work with you, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

I can’t say enough good things about Todd. Ordered rollers and a base from him for my newly acquired press. I am new to the world of letterpress and could not have asked for a better introduction to this craft. He has been incredibly helpful, knoweledgable, quick to respond, and so refreshingly kind. Above and beyond.

due to the endless phone solicitors, I stopped answering the phone and only check messages while working. I return them right away or soon after if I need to research your question. as always thanks for your orders.
emails always welcome easer for me to keep track of and send pay-pal if needed. [email protected] Thanks Todd Todd’s Press Time LLC

In my day job, I get thirty such calls every day. I like your methodology. When I retire (three years, God willing) I plan to not have a phone, or if I do, it will be a land-line with the ringer turned off. It will be for emergencies only… and just for me to use. The plan for my current cell-phone is to take it to the range and shoot it with a .690 patched round ball. Whatever is left of it can be recycled.

I will be bring my web sight to a end for now. it is 12 years old and not up to date with todays phones and pay choices.
you can message me here or email me [email protected]
or I will be sticking with my E-bay store they have been good to me 1800 sales with out a bad feed back and no junk messages.