Linotype, Presses, and Type being auctioned in Columbus Kansas

There is an auction of a linotype and a few presses (golding jobber, C&P, Babcock) this Saturday June 2nd in Columbus Kansas. I wish I could go, but I won’t be able to make it. Hopefully someone can keep it from going to the scrap heap!

some pictures:

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they also have one of those babcock newspaper presses. if someone buys that let me know, i want to watch you move it!!

While I didn’t want to sign up for Windows Live, I could tell that the Linotype is an early Model 14, with the narrow auxiliary magazine. Be a shame to lose another Babcock, but moving stuff on short notice can be serious challenge. Hopefully somebody nearby can rescue some stuff and find what interesting stuff may be found.

I looked into these presses and location. Unfortunately, the building is also being sold and is bad condition —- and the big Babcock (Optimus) is trapped inside the walls. So, if someone else buys the building and you buy the Babcock, some agreement for opening the building would have to be made.