Help identifying the typeface used on Stephenson Blake’s Printing Types

Hi, apologies for my first post being a question.

I need your help to identify the typeface used on the front cover of Printing Types - the famous type specimen book from Stephenson Blake. Produced in 1930 by the Stephenson Blake foundry in Sheffield UK.

Any help is much appreciated.

image: PrintingTypes.jpg


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It’s Mazarin :-)
Gott grüß die Kunst

Perhaps Mazarin as produced by SB was different than the one with which I am familiar, but I don’t see it in the example.

The face seems much more in the form of a Garamond/Garamont style. The extended diagonal stroke on the left side of the “N” should be the distinguishing characteristic. I see it on some Goudy fonts, but you would have to dig into the SB books to find its origin. Perhaps it was specifically drawn for the book cover by one of their designers, but more likely is actually featured as a face available for use from the foundry.

Can’t see it being Mazarin - or were you being sarcastic there?

It does have some of the characteristics of a Garamond with the “N” as you mention, although the “T” is not like a Garamond. It also close to a Goudy, but again a different “T”. I did think it was similar to Galliard.

but not an exact match and Galliard is not a SB typeface to my knowledge.

I too did think it may have been drawn especially for the cover. The “P” and the “R” seem very unique.

I’ve looked through all the specimen books in Sheffield library - who unfortunately don’t have this particular one.

I’m hoping someone has one of these specimen books and that it includes the typeface on the cover.

I really need to know what this typeface is - it’s driving me crazy.

No, I’m not sarcastic! The typeface is Mazarin Roman from Stephenson, Blake & Co. It’s designed by Robert Girard in 1921 for the French foundry Deberny & Peignot and cast there under the name Astrée.
Here a specimen of the roman
And here one of the italic
Gott grüß die Kunst

Thank you, Thank you!

Apologies bogtrykkeren - my search for Mazarin came up with this:

Which looks nothing like the Mazarin Roman from Stephenson Blake!

You have made me very happy - I just need to get my hands on a copy of “Printing Types” and i’ll be even happier.

Many thanks

SB Mazarin is a really nice face, does a digital version exist?