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Just a note of appreciation for these...29 May
Thanks Michael, that looks like a good...29 May
My Kluge came with a flat plate that...28 May
Mike has it right, according to the...28 May
Good luck with that, I don't know of...28 May
Michael, Would you post the search...27 May
just a note, a little table top press...19 May
I use a stat camera, and tray develop...17 May
That explains the broken roller arm and...10 May
Looks like it's cast iron, see the bits...9 May
You could take the platen and have it...9 May
I would guess op has flipped the image...3 May
Good Point John! Now that you mention...28 Apr
Sometimes the number will come up if...27 Apr
Nice job!25 Apr
I think we can all agree that injecting...25 Apr
There you go Nathan! I vote for a...4 Apr
I use a mix of about half...21 Mar
Were the aluminum arms bent?21 Mar
perhaps- it should be easy to see if...16 Mar
I would look at these pins- some may be...16 Mar
Could be custom. I have half a cabinet...6 Mar
I agree with that- BP has become the go...4 Mar
It may be a configuration problem, the...3 Mar
I can confirm that setting firefox to...29 Feb
Have had rollers from Todd, they were...30 Jan
have a similar platemaker, i'd look at...15 Jan
Of course, the move-it-on-wheels...2 Jan
Hi Ron, You can start by posting an ad...15 Dec
I like that as a direction. You're...5 Dec
deleted double post5 Dec
bump4 Dec
Thanks George- i have a rare ruling...19 Nov
i have power washed really cruddy old...15 Nov
We are all rooting for you Fritz!12 Nov
could be your base + plate isnt type...8 Nov
Yes, that is repairable by...22 Sep
last time i bought several big presses...12 Jul
An unusual depth of knowledge. RIP SOS4 May
we love you Fritz, you're doing good...9 Apr