letterpress Sesame Street

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Wow, that shop had great turnaround. They could make a mag in-house while the kids were standing there.

I spy a 320 Vandy in the background and a No. 1 under the drawer of wood type.

I remember that from when I was a kid!

you must be very young, there was no Sesame Street when i was a kid.

Not so young- I think that was even a re-run for me. Almost 29 :)

i got my first press 51 years ago, almost 29 seems very young to me.

well, in this forum, i guess i am!

I remember this video! Didn’t realize it was in a letterpress studio until I rewatched it now.

Me, too! I think it may even have been a rerun for me and I’m 34. Do kids on Sesame Street get to see such great finger-munching machinery so close up anymore, though? I suppose it can’t be any more dangerous than a hungry Cookie Monster…

In general:

At a Parents and Citizens night at a primary school in Australia [note, in Aus, the letter is usually pronounced zed, not zee]:

Parent to older teacher: How can I decide if my daughter is old enough to start primary school? Teacher: How does she pronounce the last letter of the alphabet?

In other words, does she watch Sesame Street on ABC (Federal Government) TV.

Thanks America!


Hello Mike, I’ve read that you were (or still are) in the printing industry being an expert in letterpress printing and thermography I assume. I am starting my own stationery company. What kind/type of machine do you suggest I should buy? I want to print the designs myself. Or is that too costly?