Question about motor

I’m looking at a press and owner says this “The motor has 2-bare wires that are the electrical connection. There is no plug on the wiring, so we have not checked the motor yet.”

What exactly does this mean? How will I be affected by having bare wires instead of a plug?

Thanks for in advance for any and all advice/ help.

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ask owner what it means

for anybody here to help you
we need to know

where are you
what kind of press
what kind of motor

is there manufacturers plate on motor
with wiring diagram

Plugless me thinks !! Usually noticed when the bare wires cant fit in the wall socket!!!!
EARTH connection ?????????

We do need more info. The motor could have been direct wired! get more details about the motor!

most likely means it was hard wired at one point. IE the connection to power was made inside a junction box and not a plug.

ok….they said it needs to be hard wired to the breaker. Why would it need that? Doesn’t that also really limit where I can put the press!?

No, it doesn’t really limit where the press can go. You just need to put a junction box near the press. Wire to that, then wiring to the breaker box.

get some wire and a plug and maybe an electrician - then you can plug it in anywhere

Best to hard wire it to a junction box like Kellypress said. A switched junction box so that you can turn main power off to the press right there, that box will be wired to your breaker box with an electrician, sounds like it needs a ground ran as well? Two wire sounds like an older 120V set up black and white, and make sure your box and breaker is set up for what your motor AMPS is rated at.