Monotype Supercaster mats required

The Printing Museum in Wellington New Zealand has recently recommissioned its caster to work with our library of 550 fonts.
We wish also to cast spacing 10 pt thru 72 but cannot source casting mats for spacing and quads. Any advice most welcome.
Regards, From NZ

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Hi Tony; very glad to hear the display mats will be used again.

You don’t need mats for spacing up to 36pt- for those sizes, you just need to hold the top mould blade against the cross block- on the small composition moulds that’s done by using the spring on the adaptor base, and on the smaller of the two Super caster display moulds it’s done by turning the small block in the mould blade lever to press against the external oiler.

For over 36pt (from the larger Super caster mould) you do need some mats, as the larger mould doesn’t have a two-part mould blade- those mats are normally kept in the mould box, though, rather than in a matrix box.

I have somewhere between 50 and 100 display fonts stored in our old typesetting shop.

I have been trying to get these down from there storage and get a list together. It’s been a HOT summer here in Wisconsin but should be cooling off soon.

If anyone is interested let me know and I’ll get a list together and send it to them or post it.

Have A Great Day Everyone!

Do you mean interested in buying the mats off you? We could well be interested. Are they American flat mats, or English Super Caster display mats?

In any case, I think a list would probably be enjoyed by all, if you have the time :)


Here you are - I know I that I had read your message and forgot where I had seen this.

I am still interested in connecting with you and getting a list put together with the many fonts still in there original cases. As i recall some of the dates and inspection sheets were still intact. Could they have been dated in the 1920’s?

Please drop me a line to be sure you are all still interested.

I’ll do my best to get something of a detailed list put together.

Some of my many items from the 1952 typesetting shop that my father started are still around but are beginning to be cleaned out.

Regards jjmorty -Wisconsin