Kingsley type storage box question??

Does anyone have a kingsley type box??? Can they tell me the size of the holes that the type lay in??? I am wanting to make a couple trays myself.. Thanks!!

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The holes are 1” in diameter. There are 36 of them laid out in a 6 X 6 pattern. All but two have dividers that spilt the hole into 4 quadrants. The inside dimensions of the box are 7” X 7”.

thanks so much!!!

I have found out it is a ‘sob’ to get the 36 1” holes to come out right!!
I have decided to just buy a kingsley case or two!!

Ever tried to use an egg carton?

when i first started out i used egg cartons, two 18 egg cartons give you 36 places to put type.

cheaper then the Kingsley boxes for now! Thanks for the idea!

i have a couple kingsley type boxes and some nice type drawers let me know if you are still interested

I have some for sale too. The Kingsley type boxes I think I have 4-5. Any interest?