Children press?

first of all sorry for my maccaroni English… :)
I’m writing on this nice forum ‘cause I want to identify a small and mysterious press I picked up on ebay for few bucks. The dimensions are, approx., 10x33 cm. There is no productor name, but the written on it are in english. I think the fonts are placed directly on the cylinder… Someone can identify it and try to explain how it operates? Thank you very much!

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Here are the images of the press:

(Sorry, I can’t attach my own images…)

had about the same press when i was 10 years old. you set rubber type into a metal holder then put it on the press, it used rubber stamp ink. there was like a stamp pad on the small front roller that inked the type, you put the paper against the cylinder and turn the crank. it is pretty much a childs toy.

Looks like Dickg hit the nail on the head USA style. Long time we had possibly the forerunner of this usually called The John Bull printing outfit variations of which are still available here. This possibly gave rise to upmarket applications like wrap around rubber plates for web fed rotary or continuos stationery machinery machines, but certaintly for rubber stamps and quite often supplied with customised pens for company advertising etc. Original not quite up to your Jim Rockford standard?. But as Dickg implies brilliant for 10yr old but Mummy was not too impressed with little red or black silly stamps everywhere, but hey we didnt get Telly or mains electricity until 1954 ish and they bought it for us anyway Mick.


Yes, I had one too, which is probably why I am a printer today. It was called a “Cub Cadet” here in the United States. You could also order little illustration in rubber to glue to the cylinder.

Thank you very much to everyone for the help to identify this little press… I’m 41 years old, so I think this can be the right machine to begin in the world of letterpress…


@Colophon Press: do you think that I can find some of the little rubber illustrations that you mentioned? Where?
Thanks a lot.


about 6 months ago a good friend of mine saw one of these in an antique store and he bought it and sent it to me. i haven’t had much time to play with it but i was going to try using rubber stamps to print on it. don’t know where you can find any info on this but the rubber would have to be made a certain height in order to work. i wonder if a supplier to the rubber stamp makers would have something that would work on these.????