C&P Flywheel Interchangeability

Hi all!

I have a C&P 8x12 Old Style that I am putting into service. But it has no flywheel (I’m honestly not sure where it went).

I have a C&P 12x18 New Style that is sitting in a basement, and that I am about to begin partially disassembling, because there is no way I can get it out of the basement intact.

The question is, can I temporarily use the NS flywheel on the OS?

I do not know the diameter or weight of a C&P 8x12OS flywheel. I know from C&P specs that the 8x12NS flywheel is 32 inches in diameter. The 10x15NS and 12x18NS apparently use the same 35.5 inch flywheel.

This press has a driveshaft rather than a crankshaft and I am driving it with an ancient Kimble Electric variable speed motor. It runs with no flywheel, but the variation in the pitch of the motor with each revolution of the shaft tells me it would be happier with one.

It does appears to me that shaft size is not a problem. I moved the drive wheel from the 12x18NS to the 8x12OS, and it works just fine.

I’d be grateful for any help thinking through the options — including any data on diameter and weight of a C&P OS flywheel.



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A sensible consideration would be that lighter would be fine but not heavier , if the diameter is identical and spokes similar in number the width identical you should be ok . It would be a bit sily to put a heavier flywheel on for reasons of balance of the overall machine aswell as in the event of a serious jam the inertia will make a free standing machine swing with the inertia not mentioning what may break in such an event .

I have an 8x12 OS flywheel. I PM’d you about it. If you are still looking for one, email or PM me!

Hi Folks!

Peter, your caution makes sense to me.

Aaron, Thanks for the offer; and sorry for my slow response. I have in fact found an 8x12 OS flywheel, which is being delivered tomorrow — and hopefully will be intact, usable, etc. If it turns out not to be any of those things, I will definitely contact you.



No problem Greg! Glad you found what you need! I emailed you through Briar… I have a question for you. If you can, shoot me a response!

Thank you,