letterpress workshop nr. 1, apmub, portugal

it is with huge amounts of anxiety that we open the shop to the global public!
this very first edition will be exclusively on the letterpress side of the printing world, and will be focused on a heidelberg windmill printing press capable of printing and blind-printing, cutting and creasing paper and another materials. we try to be safe though! as this press was made to run “all day long, sweet susie!” at a maximum rate of 6000 impressions per hour back in 1954… but that’s not what we do!..

our work will probably be placed in between low-populated art galleries and libraries, on a flat shoe-box-cover book-cover form or a shirt, or maybe an odd printing matrix such as old electronic circuitry and vinyl music records.

anyway, we like letterpress printing on the type, paper, ink and makeready dimensions. beyond that, we want to get ourselves involved in an archeologic and printing industry atmosphere with loads of undried ink and oil, dusty paper and flowers as olfative and tactile dimensions to the objects we craft.

‘a prensar morreu um burro’ is the uncommercial name of a printing workshop, working with letterpress, silkscreen and toner printing, plus the matrix-making side with uncommon objects such as vinyl records or electronic circuits, to print posters and wallpaper.
in the end, we run like hell from the commercial, financialloid, full of bureocracy, capitalist system.

scheduling depending on number of participants interested. you can contact us by sending an email.

visit us at Dona Esperança, a makerspace located in caldas da rainha, portugal.

links: http://apmub.info ; http://donasperanca.com

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Love your vibe, your work-how exciting! I look forward to watching what you continue to produce!

thank you :) how conforting your words are!..