The Letterpress Market

Hi Everyone.

I am currently doing a research project on letterpress and want to get as much quatitative and qualitative information as possible on the current state of the letterpress market (size, value, people). Can anyone recommend some good channels to go down?


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whittenburg inc specialises in heidelberg letterpress equipment and parts, 615 212 0015, boxcar press in syracuse new york are one of the biggest letterpress printers in the usa. hope this helps

I suspect he’s looking for retail/wholesale sales trends of printing, not equipment sales.

Boxcar would be a good lead though, more plates may equal more sales.

Since letterpress does not really have a trade association, not really sure where you would find the numbers. Happy hunting.’

You might also talk to Bindery Tools ( ). They sell to the letterpress market quite a lot.

On the supply-side, is another one worth talking to.

For plates, Boxcar and Elum ( would be representative of the American market. Both sell unexposed photopolymer as well, but consider a good chunk of that may not be immediately used for commercial work.

For a different take, check out FPO ( and Oh So Beautiful Paper (.com) for a read of the demand from the Graphic Design and Social markets respectively… bear in mind both of these are show-off sites, not every graphic designer nor every bride-to-be wants or can afford letterpress.