Please help me Identify this typeface!

Please go to
If anyone can identify this I sure would appreciate the help!

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It has been a long time. There are not many letters there to help. The cap T looks to be a Transitional Roman style. I will have to look at some type books.

Yeah, this is also going to take a little creative imagination as well because the stamped image is greatly distorted and fatter than it would look in print. I’d concentrate on that R and the lowercase e has a horizontal crossbar. The D also looks like it might be a good character to include.


The type is very distorted, and coming from a commercial binder it is most likely a face that was made as brass type, rather than foundry.


has a look of Plantin about it, just a guess.

The ‘A’ and ‘s’ are wrong, and the serifs are not as pronounced as Plantin. I think it is a type made-up by a brass type company, and it will probably take a search of bookbinding catalogues (or a knowledgeable bookbinder) to figure this one out.


I think it’s Goudy. The tail on the cap R and the slightly bulbous cap D.

Thank you everyone, I do appreciate your help!
Looks like I’ll be checking out the catalogs and do some more online searching.

Just from the T and R I would say Caslon Old Style but keep posting.